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Service Commitment

一、Commitment to product quality
I produced the "meta-ethics" brand copper products meet and perform GB/T13927-2008 "universal valve pressure test" standard, precision, and the effective length of pipe thread to ISO228 strictly enforced。

二、Content and duration of service
1,Free Service: Valve Class I sold the product warranty period are as follows: after the factory within 24 months or two after the installation of the heating season (both whichever comes first). In the free service period service charge. 2, paid services: the case of paid services over the range of free services over the period of paid services only charge material cost. 3, Contract Services: Special Care and maintenance contracts are signed between the company and customers, domestic services otherwise provided by the contract, does not belong to the "service commitment" range。

三、Service Mode
1,Telephone inquiries: My company dedicated 24-hour service hotline, to provide users with product failures consulting and solutions. Tel: 15,356,569,970.2, on-site service: through service calls can not solve the problem, our company will send technical personnel to provide on-site consulting and maintenance services. Arrived at the scene within 48 hours of receiving user notification。

"Yuan-lun" valve in product quality problems, both in warranty。

五、The following situations are no longer enjoy free services
1,Or damage caused by improper use of the company's staff without disassemble caused. 2, the loss of the accident caused by human factors (such as the handling process, installation errors caused bump, broken, etc.). 3, the user secretly altered the invoice date, or damage to the product label. 4, natural disasters (such as earthquakes, fire, lightning and other force majeure) damage caused。

六、When warranty service, you need to provide
Valid credentials or copy of the invoice for the purchase of the product。

Attachment: Valve Co., Ltd. Yuhuan Yuan-lun Service Department Contact
Add: Central swirling Port Industrial Zone, Yuhuan, Zhejiang
Tel:0576-81731028 0576—81731027

pt老虎机注册送礼金 同城彩票注册 体育盘口 棋乐游 澳门真人博彩评级